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Consumers in Cardiff stage homeopathic ‘overdose’

Consumer rights activists across Cardiff have today announced their intention to take a mass homeopathic ‘overdose’ next month, as part […]

To Judge Judy

To introduce this post, I accused a commenter on the Bleachgate blogpost of being an ‘alternative medicine’ apologist in a […]

Cardiff Skeptics Homeopathy Event

Due to being the one to suggest it, and Dean and Alice being away on the weekend planned, I am […]


I LOVE Twitter. Really, I do. But I have some gripes with it. What really gets me is how many […]


For the last time, before I get any more stupid comments suggesting some ridiculous quacky cure… Unless you are a […]

Valentine’s Day

Today, I have been making little notes in my pocket notebook thing. As some of you will know, my bitterness […]

Mental Health Issues

This is a blog post about my mental health issues. I am depressed and I have general anxiety problems. I […]

The Burzynski Clinic

I’ve started to expand my skepticism and debates around the world, including Canada. I met some fellow skeptics while playing […]

Small update on Bleachgate

Hello all! Sometimes, I will go to coffee shops and other public places to talk to people about my thoughts. […]

Skeptic Support

As you may know, the Bleachgate affair started with a bad experience on an alt-med supporting Crohn’s disease “support” forum. […]