Very Odd Spammy Email

Hello all! I come bearing gifts of lunacy!

I just received a very odd email.

I have reproduced it below with additional commentary.

Dear Mr. Morgan,
thank you for exposing the MMS scam
I have read that you have Crohns disease in the internet.
As you surely found out that allopathic medicine has almost nothing to offer against this disease in the meantime I thought that you would be highly interested in the following link:
Well… how wrong you are!
First, “allopathic” medicine has an awful lot to use to treat Crohn’s disease. I really have no idea where you got that idea. In fact, I shall list some Crohn’s medication now:-
  • Prednisolone
  • Azathioprine
  • 6-mercaptopurine
  • Infliximab (Remicade)
  • Adalimumab (Humira)

I could go on, but I won’t.

Second, rather ironically considering your insistence that I must surely know that “allopathic” medicine has nothing for Crohn’s, it is due to “allopathic” medicine that I am in remission.

I suggest you try the method (squatting) and compare it to the “regular” sitting position to see the difference for yourself. The main cause of Crohn’s Disease is the leakage of E.Coli bacteria into the small intestine.  This happens because of the unnatural sitting toilet, which defeats the purpose of the ileocecal valve. (The red part was added by Mr. Isbit himself!  ). I think the long term positive health impact of squatting is overwhelming. If practiced, I think it is highly likely that you will experience at least a betterment of your condition or even a complete healing, however this might take a longer period of time. This of course under the assumption that you practice a healthy lifestyle as well.

*choke… splutter…*

Squatting? Squatting is going to cure my Crohn’s? What!?

Also, would you like to supply evidence for your claims that the “main cause of Crohn’s Disease is the leakage of E.Coli bacteria into the small intestine”? We still do not know for sure what causes Crohn’s. Your theory is speculative.

Please note that my mother tongue is german as I am from Austria, Central Europe. I made a german translation of btw on my site

If you decide to try the method, please dont forget about others who could also benefit from the method and feel free to contact me anytime and send me your experiences…you can contact me at this email address

( I also have a (german) forum at . I could make an english subsection there. Hmmmm…yes, this is a good idea. I guess I will do that now

So far,

Mr. Dietmar Fischler from Austria, Central Europe

No, I shall not advocate this bizarre squatting to my friends.

– Rhys