Jim Humble’s Sanity

Holla, That’s not a misspelling of hola, the spanish greeting for hello, but holla. Whatever. Anyway, I’ve not blogged in […]

Biology modules

So, I did two of my biology exams today. B1 exam was fantastic. It even had a question about a […]

Not so Appyfeet

You may have noticed them. I certainly have. A new type of shop seems to be springing up. Those shops […]


Hello everyone. This is a text adaptation of my video which you can find here:http://twitvid.com/Z7TOH Today, I am going to […]

Consumers in Cardiff stage homeopathic ‘overdose’

Consumer rights activists across Cardiff have today announced their intention to take a mass homeopathic ‘overdose’ next month, as part […]

Very Odd Spammy Email

Hello all! I come bearing gifts of lunacy! I just received a very odd email. I have reproduced it below […]

MMS on eBay

If you remember back to the days of old – when Bleachgate was young and so was I… well, when […]

Ambiguity over alternative medicine funding in Wales

health boards were a little more ambiguous with their responses. Repeatedly, was informed that information about the funding was not […]

A Poem about Calcium Carbonate

As promised on Twitter, here is my calcium carbonate poem. This was not a task for English, but for chemistry […]

Small update on Bleachgate

Hello all! As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, Councillor Woodman promised to write a letter to the Chief Medical […]