Skeptic Support

As you may know, the Bleachgate affair started with a bad experience on an alt-med supporting Crohn’s disease “support” forum.
I propose that a skeptical support forum/blog be set up, for people to converse with skeptical and rational people.
This is probably going to be my main “project” throughout the summer holidays, a long time for me, given that I’ve finished school and 6th Form starts for me in September!
I plan to set up a website.
However, I don’t have any money to start this up, so I am asking you, rational people, to donate just a small amount of money to help set up
People shouldn’t be kicked off a support forum for raising a skeptical point of view. This forum and blog would eradicate the problem.
I will also be looking for other skeptical bloggers to help run the blog as well, so any donations of time to help with that will be greatly appreciated as well!
If you wish to contribute to the yearly cost to run the forum of £65, you can click the button underneath which will take you to PayPal so you can donate.


Thank you for your support!